14 July 2009

    Twitter Watch: John Daly checks out Turnberry

    John Daly is a big character on the tour - he's had the highs lows and the gastric band inbetween. So it's little surprise that such a big character as John is on Twitter and giving his fans what they want - a piece of the grip it 'n' rip it philosophy.

    In typical Daly fashion, the first photo is of the local ASDA (UK Wal-Mart equivalent).

    John took time out to "hare some British Open time with my twitters" via his Twitter page and we thought we'd bring you the highlights.

    and let there be WAL-MART folks--right down the street"

    "Waiting to play thru----Tiger 1 hole in front of us"

    "Tiger putting on 17"

    "Hole 10"

    Another BIG backswing - "
    Hole 6"

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