16 July 2009

    Sandy Lyle calls Monty a drama queen as well as a cheat

    The war of words between sullen Scots Sandy Lyle and Colin Mongomerie continues to rumble on with Lyle now accusing "chubs" Montgomerie of being a "drama queen".

    "We sometimes call him a bit of a drama queen. He's probably milking it a bit" Lyle said.

    Montgomerie was furious over Lyle dredging old news regarding his blatant cheating in what was tiresomely dubbed "Jakartagate" by the press. Basically Monty moved his ball - see damning video evidence here.

    "Colin has nothing to add and wants to distance himself from any issues Sandy has," Monty's manager stated.

    "He can't, nor will he, get involved in this sort of thing. He just wants to get on with his golf. People say there is bickering going on but bickering requires two people.

    "Colin can't quite understand why he is being dragged into this."

    I've never been a lover of Monty - his attitude to fans and press, his arrogance despite never winning a major and his fat belly upsets me. He's a poster boy for a bygone era of golfers who thought gym was the guy who cut their grass.

    But dear old Sandy is a cantankerous fellow. Obviously overlooked for Ryder Cup captain as most of the players can't stand him so what does he do? Goes and upsets more of them and distances himself further. He'll now never be captain of the European team.

    "I've tried to talk to him but I don't think he wants to talk to me right now."

    I don't blame him Sandy, not one bit.

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