27 March 2011


    When a tight pin near the fringe or rough around the green makes a floppy wedge shot a risk to either get caught in the rough, or land and release too far, sometimes the best shot to play is a bump and run. Choke down on the apprapriate 6, 7, or 8 iron, chip it crisply into the "bump" of the fringe or rough, which should kill enough of the momentum to slow it down, but be enough momentum to "run" it the rest of the way to die at the hole. You have to practice it, but you'll probably need it at least twice every round.

    23 March 2011


    The next time you hit a drive down the middle of the fairway and end up in a divot, or, the next time you hit a shot onto the green and are left behind an unrepaired ball mark, think about where you are in terms of golfing karma. Some golfers do NOT bother to fix their ballmarks or replace their divots. If you are one of them, then you deserve every bad lie and break you get. If you are a "good" golfer, and still get "unlucky," then, every chance you get, remind every golfer you play with, to FIX THEIR DAMAGE ON THE COURSE. Bad course conditions are the sum total of all who neglect their courses. And remember that, some day, good karma will reward those who deserve it.

    17 March 2011


    Try to visualize everything about your shot BEFORE you even approach the ball. Think about your stance, your posture, your rhythm, good contact thoughts, good follow through - and even visualize the ball landing at your target. Then, once you've got a good, positive image, step up to the ball and try to achieve your result by doing in reality what you just envisioned.

    12 March 2011

    Swing A Baseball Bat

    Ever want to strengthen the muscles that help you hit a golf ball farther? Get a 34 oz. or so baseball bat and take 50 or so swings a day. Loosen up and stretch first so you don't hurt anything. Then, swing that bat through the hitting zone with all the Sammy Sosa-like power you can muster. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening your wrists and forearms and will make the club seem light in your hands. CAUTION -- this is for healthy-backed people. Do not try this or anything that might cause you injury if you are prone to back pain.

    7 March 2011


    Next time before you golf, try playing your favorite soft, soothing music as THE LAST THING YOU HEAR before going out on the course. Ideally, the right kind of music, be it classical, jazz, or even something more contemporary, can provide you with both bodily relaxation and a melodic mantra that might help soothe your mind and help promote a good tempo and rhythm during your swing. Play something that will almost guarantee that you will have THAT SONG stuck in your head all day. You'll be amazed at how the right kind of music will help your golf game.

    3 March 2011


    If you have a carpeted hallway that stretches along a solid wall, use that as a practice putting area. Place the ball as close to the wall as possible, (about 2 to 3 inches) and try to hit some straight putts that travel parallel to the wall. If your stroke causes pushes or pulls, the wall will tell you where you're going wrong. Practice hitting your putts straight and parallel to the wall and watch how easy it is to transfer that out onto real greens on real golf courses.