14 July 2009

    A little history on the Green Jacket

    The first ever Masters Tournament was in 1934, although it was called the Augusta National Invitational Tournament until 1939. Bobby Jones did not like the title the "Masters," but he finally relented to his partner Clifford Roberts in 1939.

    The first ever green jackets were given to members of Augusta National to distinguish them from the crowd during the "Invitational" in 1937. This way if there was a rules question an official or player could easily identify a member if necessary.

    The first ever green jacket awarded to a winner went to Sam Snead in 1949. There is a common misconception attributed to winning multiple Masters Tournaments. For instance is is common for people to say, "Jack Nicklaus won 6 green jackets." This is actually not true. You only win the jacket once...thereafter the same jacket is placed on your shoulders after each victory.

    As a Masters winner you are allowed to take the jacket home for one year, at which time you are to return the jacket to Augusta National and you can wear it each time you return. This has been the gold standard and has only been broken Gary Player who refused to return his first green jacket to Augusta.

    That could be a trivia question: Name a golfer who has won two green jackets? There technically is only one right answer: Gary Player.

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