30 August 2013

    Putting Tip: Develop FEEL

    We all know that there is a lot of ‘feel’ in the game of golf. This is amplified on the greens.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of that magic ‘feel’ the pros seem to have?

    Here’s a tip that just might help.  Hover your putter just off the ground prior to starting your stroke.  According to Don Kotnik’s article in the Golf Magazine, this will help you have a smoother start to your stroke, and therefore make a stroke that rolls correctly.


    More importantly, you will feel the putter differently because it is not resting on the ground. This might help you develop that elusive ‘feel’ you’ve been trying to achieve.

    29 August 2013

    Short Putts - Head Still

     Keep Your Head Still on Short Putts

    For short putts, listen to the ball go into the hole rather than looking at it. More short putts are missed from looking up rather than poor alignment. Keep you head still on short putts and you'll hear the putt go into the hole more often than not.

    Transition Smoothly

    For better control of your irons, focus on making a smooth transition from your backswing to your downswing. 

    Instead of lunging at the ball, start your downswing at about the same speed as you started your backswing. This will help you make sweet-spot contact, and to improve your accuracy.

    28 August 2013

    Golf Tip: Pitching Rules to Remember

    Into the Rough offers you these basic, yet important tips to help you pitch it close:

    • The distance you need to cover is determined by the length of your backswing. Remember, always complete the swing. Once committed, complete the follow-through. 
    • Better to be a little long (as long as it is safe back there) than flubbing the shot and not making the green.
    • Don’t be an eager beaver to see the result of your shot.
    • Keep your head down, eyes on the ball. 
    • Don’t pick your head up until you have completed your follow through. 
    • Placing the ball forward in your stance will create a higher trajectory. Placing the ball farther back in your stance will create a lower trajectory. Remember higher up shorter out, lower up longer out.

    27 August 2013

    Miguel Angel Jimenez hitting a terrible shot

    Hit like a true 28 handicapper

    25 August 2013

    Golf Tip: Fixing Lateral body movement

    Lateral body movement and Right knee stability

    The Problem: Lateral body movement

    Lateral movement of the body during the golf swing can create timing issues.  For every little bit of movement that occurs during the backswing, there must be the same amount of movement during the forward swing.  For the player who does not play and hit balls everyday, this lateral movement can make good ball striking a challenge.  Furthermore, the movement can often be the result of a moving right knee.

    The Solution: Right knee stability

    At address, the golfer should not only have the right knee flexed, but also have it angled inward slightly.  When this is done properly, there will be a little more pressure felt on the instep of the right foot.  This will help stabilize the right side of the body, and thus reduce lateral movement of the body during the swing.

    23 August 2013

    Iron Play Tip: Iron Accuracy

    Let's say you hit a nice drive.  You have about 150 yards to the green. You take out the club that you usually use for that distance.  You set up, swing away, and off goes your ball, way right or way left, or, well, you know, nowhere near the hole or even the green.  Why?  Lots of possible reasons, but here's something you might want to practice. 

    Try using more club.  Instead of a 7-iron, try a 6 or even a 5.  Instead of a full, hard swing, take about a 3/4 swing.  You might find that you will make better sweet-spot contact and achieve greater accuracy.  


     That would be worth a few balls of practice on the range, wouldn't it?

    21 August 2013

    Gary Player's Rules for Bunkers

    Here are some tips from Gary Player for your bunker shots taken from Golf World
    • Never think of a bunker as a 'Trap'
    • Less Sand = More Spin
    • Very Wide Stance
    • Cock wrists early in backswing
    • Accelerate through impact
    Can you do better?

    14 August 2013

    Golfing at dusk, just beautiful

    Beutiful dusk golf course, OH

    13 August 2013

    4th Hole, Ridgewood Country_Club -Moultonborough

    4th Hole, Ridgewood Country_Club -Moultonborough

    10 August 2013

    15th Green at Sugarloaf Golf Club

    15th Green at Sugarloaf Golf Club