17 July 2008

    Lyle storms out of Open

    1985 Open champ Sandy Lyle has walked off the course after just 10 holes citing the "demanding" course and saying "the rough is so heavy in the wet that if you get out of position it's just so hard."

    Lyle had just took par on the 10th and was 11 over par when he decided to call it a day. Conditions have been testing to say the least.

    "I just couldn't score and I couldn't swing the golf club in the end. I just thought I was doing myself more harm than good.

    "For me, with the glasses and waterproofs, I couldn't get any momentum going at all so I thought I was best to call it a day."

    Lyle has history of walking off at Birkdale: he did the same in 1991.

    "I don't make a habit of it. I did it in 1991 when I didn't realise I was out of bounds until I got down there but I was way over the cut line and so I said I wasn't going back for the sake of finishing the hole.

    "This is the only course I have walked off twice, which is not good."


    As a higher handicap player I can understand the feeling of simply having had enough and packing up, but as a former champion in a global event? I think it's a little pathetic in all honesty. At least finish up your round and see where you find yourself - scores will be high.

    Lyle has little to prove, having won majors and numerous events in his career, but this is a poor show on day one. I'm certain this fine old course will take more casualties before this event is over.

    15 July 2008

    Office Sweep Verdict: Hopeless

    The only good office sweeps are when you get a front runner. So after laying down my £2 and being given FOUR picks from all the available players in this years Open, I thought I'd get at least one guy less than 30/1. Well, no. Read 'em and weep:

    1. Todd Hamilton - 250/1
    2. Soren Kjeldsen - 150/1
    3. Anthony Wall - 300/1
    4. Gregory Havret - 250/1
    No offence to any of these guys, but somehow I don't think I'll be taking home the money this time.

    11 July 2008

    Tiger Woods on track to become first billionaire athlete

    Forbes magazine reports Tiger Woods is on track to make a billion dollars by 2010. Woods has earned around $115 million in 2007 alone, and Forbes credit the golfer with annualized investment returns of 8%.

    Woods was a child prodigy golfer and much was expected of him before he turned pro in 1996, he was already a household name by 1998's Open Championship at Birkdale - also the venue for next week's event.

    But not all of this fortune has been amassed through his sports earnings, in fact most of it has come from endorsements. Woods has numerous sponsorship deals, most notably with Nike, Gillette and Buick. These are estimated to have made him over $750 million over the course of his career.

    Woods is expected to become the first athlete in the world to reach the $1 billion figure.