10 October 2008

    Even Tiger Woods loves Caddyshack

    Tiger Woods gives a great interview here to talking about his child, marriage, his favourite movie...oh and golf and his famous knee injury too.

    Although a friendly interview, Tiger manages to evade the politics question with ease. That's right Woodsy, don't dare express an opinion that could sully your image and multi-trillion dollar sponsorship deals.


    9 October 2008

    Spaceman Invades Green, Golfers Get Angry

    So what's the strangest thing you've ever seen on the golf course?

    Ok this tops it, because I know you've never seen a deranged astronaut before.

    They got the flag back though, and that's the important thing.

    8 October 2008

    Boo Weekley: single digit IQ

    So we've established Booo is a bit of a retard. Don't believe me? Have a gander at this video:

    I think the worst thing about this is comments such as "you have to love the honesty". No you don't. I don't tell the world about the prostitutes I have kept in my basement, do I? Better to tell a lie than expose your own retardation, am I right or am I right?

    Try not to swallow your own face in frustration, golf fans!

    Boo Weekley: subnormal

    Oh Booooooo yourself, you slobbering idiots. Granted, most golfers are sterile cardboard cut-outs so I guess anyone who has a shred of charisma deserves some credit, but this guy ticks all the retard boxes.

    Judge for yourself with this clip from The Tonight Show:

    It appears I'm not alone in my disdain for this mouthbreating hick, Boston Irish shows his disgust here.

    5 October 2008

    John Daly considering Euro Tour next year

    One of our favourite golfers, big-hitting, heavy-drinking, elasticated-waist-pants-wearing anti-hero John Daly is considering joining the European tour now he's got his mojo back. Big John couldn't smash the ball as far as the old days because of a restricted swing movement caused by a cyst (the size of a golf ball apparently) limiting his famourly exaggerated backswing.

    "I saw guys hitting it by me that never hit it by me before," he said. "I was like 'there's definitely something wrong here'."

    Daly has had a dismal season this year, making just five cuts and earning $56,017 from 16 events - truly a fall from grace for a gifted golfer with a seeming will to self-destruct.

    "There are a million opportunities to play in Europe and it's a great tour," Daly said.

    "Guys on that tour have shown themselves to be great players."

    You have to feel that it's too late, even for such a prodigious talent as Daly, to turn his career round and at least compete where he should be. Daly is clearly obese which can only compound the stresses such a dramatic golf swing will place on the joints.

    Woods recovery: "won't be 100% until 2010"

    Tiger Woods will return to competitive golf next year despite his knee being "85 percent" ready. He has been urged by leading knee surgeon Lanny L Johnson to delay his recovery until he is fully fit:

    "The function of Tiger's knee will be OK in terms of motion and stability within 12 months, but tissue maturation process lags behind function. That side of things will be on-going.

    "The person's brain has to adapt to how it feels. It is based on this, and the recovery period of other athletes, that I am guessing that Tiger will need two years. Ernie Els came back after one year when he tore his cruciate ligament in a water-sports accident but, if you look, his scores weren't there for another 12 months."

    Woods devilishly stated that leading football players who have this kind of surgery need a full two years to recover but "Luckily, I don't play football".

    "The healing process for an ACL is six months,'' Woods stated in a press release for his Chevron World Challenge in December. "No matter what I try to do, I can't speed up that process. That puts me into January. Unfortunately, I can't rotate, I can't practice on that leg until then.

    "I believe the stat is after six months, the ACL is 85 percent in strength, and then over the next year-and-a-half, it will gain its 100 percent strength,'' Woods said. "So it's basically a two-year process.''

    Will Tiger still be on top when he comes back? The period before his injury was perhaps the hottest streak of his entire career, and essentially winning on one knee has further enhanced his legend.