28 February 2011


    Ever wondered what it would be like playing a round of golf KNOWING it would be your last round ever - KNOWING that each shot struck would be the last shot you'd ever play? You would treasure each shot, savoring the experience, seeing and feeling things through a whole new sensory perspective. It would be very special, wouldn't it? Well, EVERY round can be that special if you choose to experience it with the right attitude.

    24 February 2011


    Do you know the difference between a bad ball striker and a good ball striker? A bad golfer slices uncontrollably, while a good golfer fades it with control. Bad slices can turn into okay fades with adjustments to alignment, grip, swing path, and clubface position as it relates to target line. Get a lesson from a pro and tell him or her to show you how to turn that 30 yard slice into a controlled five yard fade. It's a very easy adjustment if you'll just listen and follow instruction.

    18 February 2011

    Don't Steal Golf Balls

    If you're on a golf course, and come upon a ball that you know is not yours, do NOT pick it up unless you KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT that it's NOT someone else's ball that's in play. If you're on the fairway on one hole, and there's golfers coming up the fairway of the adjacent hole, it's PROBABLY THEIR BALL! And if you DO accidentally pick up someone else's ball and they later ask you if you picked up THEIR ball, apologize and give them their ball back. Accidents do happen. But don't lie and deny it. There's NO room for that in golf. When in doubt, leave the ball there.

    14 February 2011

    Your Feet

    Your feet are the only thing touching the ground during a golf swing. How they stay in contact with the ground is the key to your balance, to power, to consistency, to just about everything. Your feet supports your weight transfer during both backswing and downswing. They support your entire body throughout the "hitting the ball" process. They keep you on balance. If certain tendencies to try to clobber the ball overwhelms the fundamental relationship your feet have to the ground to support your body during the swing, you are doomed to failure. Don't swing any harder that what your feet can support.

    9 February 2011


    If you play with a golf glove on your lead hand like most people, DON'T allow it to be an adverse factor. Gloves get old, wear out, and start to get so worn out or moist on humid days, they hinder your ability to grip the club. Each shot is important, and should have such a good grip on the club you don't have to think about it. If the glove doesn't fit, you must... get a new one.

    4 February 2011

    Get up and down

    Unless you're totally “in jail,” here’s one tip which – provided you make the putt – will allow you to get up and down. First, identify the shot you want to make – be it a chip, pitch, Texas wedge, etc – and then pick the area where you want the ball to land. The key is giving it the proper amount of room to roll. Finally, be crisp through the ball – toward the target, and be sure to strike it clean. It is much better to be positive and aggressive in your approach, than weak and tentative.