27 November 2010

    Don't Play Fool's Golf

    The golfer that hits shots that flirt with unnecessary course obstacles like water hazards, OB stakes, groves of trees, WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE TO, is a fool. It is the golfer that rues woefully at the 19th hole bar that "they would have shot a good score" but for that quadruple bogey on the 9th hole (where they flirted with disater and lost) that CHOSE to go with driver on a lay-up hole. Or CHOSE to go at a pin right next to a water hazard and plunked two into the drink. Bad scores come from bad decisions just as much as from bad play. Don't make foolish decisions, and you'll have a lot less "what could have beens."

    23 November 2010


    For a 40 foot putt that you'll want to get down in two, you need to execute a putting stroke that will make the ball go somewhere between 38 and 42 feet. The key to two-putting is where you leave the first putt, so you have to figure the break, aim, set-up, and while striking the ball, think about DISTANCE, DISTANCE, DISTANCE. The closer you get, the better that second putt looks.

    17 November 2010

    Charity golf day let downs

    Was first out in a charity event in Dartmouth a few years back. Normal format - teams of 4 two scores to count. After 9 holes the wind got up and it started to lash with rain , we played on as the greens were still playable only to discover when we finished that everyone else had walked in.

    As we showered and changed we laughed about the wimps that had walked off the course and talked proudly of our 82 points achieved in such conditions. After the meal we sat back ready for our moment of glory when it was announced that all those that walked in would be awarded level par ( 4 points) for every hole they failed to complete. As it turned out we missed out on third place on count back so didn't even get a prize. If we had left the course after 9 holes we would have won by 3 points.

    Have any of you played in an event run by non golfers with no concept of the rules?

    14 November 2010

    Golfers you hate or dislike

    1. Stewart Cink - This annoying 'bald' man cannot be forgiven for denying Tom Watson Or Lee Westwood a Major Championship. He must be the most dislikeable man in golf.

    2. Jim Furyk - Another annoying 'bald' man, Jim is surely one of the most annoying golfers of all time, the 5 steps back before he putts out routine is ridiculous. Who can stand Jim Furyk?

    3. Dustin Johnson, yeah do he can hit the ball miles, but he must be one of the most boring men in golf, lets hope he cannot win the USPGA.

    4. Monty. A moody and unfaithful man, who blames everything except himself for his failings; a trait which i despise. Has underachieved for years by not winning a major.

    5. Sergio Garcia. Over-rated golfer with a temper, whose popularity is based solely on one major performance (his duel with Tiger) and his Ryder cup performances. Tinkers way too much with his swing, shows he does not have the mentality to win big.

    7 November 2010


    No, this isn't about playing the back tees versus the middle tees. It's a superstitious piece of advice I once got from a since-departed golfing buddy - "Never use a blue tee on a water hole." He bet me I'd put it in the water using a blue tee. I did. Then he bet me I'd clear the water using a white tee. I did. I lost two bets, but learned one lesson. Don't use a blue tee on a water hole.

    3 November 2010


    If you're smart, you'll lay up whenever distance isn't critical, and your normal drive puts you at risk of hitting into a hazard or getting into trouble. Strategically, you should lay up when the reward does not justify the risk. and you should lay up and use whatever club it takes to get you to your "favorite" distance.