3 April 2010

    Using Yoga to keep fit for golf

    Yoga exercises and poses are an excellent method to improve flexibility for seniors since one is never too old to practice them. It teaches you proper breathing methods that allow you to relax while improving your stamina and concentration. The effects may not look beneficial from the outside, but it is very potent on the inside.

    You should start out slowly with a few easy poses and practice at least 4 - 5 times a week. Some experts recommend the morning hours while others prefer the evening hours before you go to bed - which, they say, should loosen up your tense muscles for better results.

    The most important thing on the golf course, is proper posture; and this can be a huge challenge for most senior golfers. You should practice this simple exercise, standing in front of a mirror:

    Standing as straight as possible with your back against a wall, pull your stomach in as far as possible. Now press you buttock against the wall and straighten your shoulders to pull your hip cage up. Pull your shoulders back and stretch your neck out for as long as possible. Breathe deeply for 5 to 10 breathes. Relax and do this 5 to 10 times. If you do this daily, you will soon see improvements on, and off the golf course.

    Yoga practice consists of many exercises and/or poses - from the simply to the difficulty - which will increase your flexibility, thereby improving your golf swing. There are also many options of training - from simple do-it-yourself in the comfort of your home; or more structured classes from expert trainers. No equipment required, except a yoga mat.

    There are many styles of yoga that are practiced - from the physically demanding to the more meditative and gentle style of yoga. When you check into yoga, you will find several beginner yoga classes. You will also find tapes out on the market, some of the yoga tapes are designed specifically for golfers and the issues they face. Check around for the style of yoga designed to fit your needs. You might want to check with the instructor about the instruction. Ask for specific physical requirements, the length and the level of concentration of the instruction in the class.

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