3 April 2010

    A guide to golfing etiquette

    So you have been thinking of golf but unsure of what to do and how to do things on the golf course? Let us discuss a few of the basic things to do and how it happens on the golf course.

    Normally on the first tee there are two things to look for. First is the teeing ground, which is designated by two markers. The markers can be almost anything from small pumpkins to large tees or blocks. Most are colored to designate the different yardages. Check the scorecard to find out which color or markers you will play for the round. Once you pick those markers the tee box is two club lengths behind the markers and within this rectangle is where to tee the golf ball. Only the golf ball needs to be within the tee box.

    The next thing is to determine who hits first. This can be done in many different ways such as flipping a coin, tossing a tee and picking the one that the tee points to, to just a simple agreement between the players. After the first hole the player with the low score goes first until someone else wins the honor of hitting first by having the lowest score. From there, the lowest score, then the next lowest score will hit in that order. If a tie in the score happens the order of play stays the same.

    When playing between the tee and ground the player farthest from the hole plays first. Recently it is becoming poplar to play ready golf. The idea is to speed play for everyone on the course. I embrace the idea and have been playing during casual play for many years. The biggest issue in playing ready golf is safety. AS long as a player closer can play and is ready then they are free to do so.

    Ever hear of golf rage? Golf is a game that can be very frustrating. We will discuss how to minimize this frustration in a future article. For now please keep frustrations and related outbursts to a sane level. I have taken to saying something funny and positive after a poor shot. I got the idea from the James Bond movies. When Mr. Bond had to take care of an enemy, he always said something short and funny. This relieves the stress and frustration of the moment and allows a golfer to go forward to the next shot. So next time instead of upsetting the foursome and maybe the rest of the course with a loud expletive, say a short funny comment and keep play moving.

    Once to the green there are a few things to think of. Please repair any ball marks you have made and any other injuries to the putting area. Next be quiet and stop moving while another player is putting. In addition ask how they want the flagstick if there is any question. Last beware of the potential putting lines of the other players and avoid stepping in their lines.

    One last idea is to be polite to those around you. This will make the game more enjoyable and keep play going smoothly. Now that you know a little about proper etiquette, play well and have fun.

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