13 September 2013

    Stop Lipping Out with this Putting Drill

    Lip outs drive me nuts! Here's a putting drill that is helping me control my power on shorter putts so that they don't lip out as much:

    Place a pencil right in front of the hole, and secure it with four tees.

    Practice putts from six feet and in. If you hit them too hard, the pencil will launch them over the hole, but if you hit them too softly, they won't make it over the pencil.

    You need to putt it with just enough power to make the ball "hop" over the pencil and find its way into the cup. Once you can do this, you should sink more putts at close range.

    Good luck!

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    Richie said...

    Nice tips for putting ! This site put nice little tips which are very helpful for the beginners!