16 September 2013

    Best golf clubs for a beginner

    If you're just starting out in golf, the biggest thing you should be looking for is a consistent set of the clubs, hand-me-down club sets are notorious for being a mix-n-match, different manufacturers therefore different club weights and swing weights.

    It is not necessary to buy expensive sets of clubs; Wilson, Tour Edge, Spalding, Ram to name a few, put out entry level sets, $200-$350, that are good quality and will last you a lifetime.

    If you decide to put in more time and effort you can always sell off your set, and by that time you'll have a better grasp of what you want your clubs to do for you.

    Check out your local newspaper Buy/Sell or On-Line Swap Shop, sometimes there's some real bargains to be had. Try all your buddies clubs, that way you get a feel for what fits best for you.

    Good Luck and hope to see you on the Links.

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