17 September 2010

    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    Things that I remember in my golfing lifetime.....

    1.62" balls

    The first metal drivers

    Seve's fist pumping on the 18th at St Andrews

    Torrance with his arms aloft after holing the winning putt in the Ryder Cup at the Belfry in 1985

    Diamond pattern Pringle jumpers

    Leather gloves that lasted about 3 weeks.

    Par 4's over 400 yards were considered long!

    Waterproofs that weren't!!

    Wound golf balls that made a lovely 'click' when you hit them

    Wound leather grips that needed washing often

    2 woods (brassies)

    Tiny headed wooden drivers with plastic face inserts

    Brown Rubber Spiked Dunlop Golf shoes with kilties on them

    Sets of clubs with pro's names on them (Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player)

    Dunlop Warwick Golf Balls in red wrappers for 4/6 (22 and half pence)

    Annual Subs of £3

    Have you got any more to add?

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