17 September 2010

    Project X 6.0 Flighted Shaft

    The rifle 6.0 shafts are comparable in flex to somewhere between s300 and x100 on the Dynamic gold scale. When compared to a 5.5 (which is generally rated as around s300ish) it's obviously a firmer shaft.

    The difference in flighted and non-flighted is purely the launch angle that they generate through the set. The shorter irons give a lower launch for accuracy/flight control and the longer irons a much higher launch for distance in the air.

    They suit a powerful/aggressive swing rather than a smooth one at the rating that they have and are a fairly heavy shaft.

    In terms of hitting down/sweeping... I would say that a hitter would get more from these than a sweeper.

    Personally I don't like the Project X. I think it feels very harsh at impact compared to the standard rifle I use.

    On top of that a lot of people think they 'feel' stiffer than a regular rifle. But that's very personal.

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