25 August 2013

    Golf Tip: Fixing Lateral body movement

    Lateral body movement and Right knee stability

    The Problem: Lateral body movement

    Lateral movement of the body during the golf swing can create timing issues.  For every little bit of movement that occurs during the backswing, there must be the same amount of movement during the forward swing.  For the player who does not play and hit balls everyday, this lateral movement can make good ball striking a challenge.  Furthermore, the movement can often be the result of a moving right knee.

    The Solution: Right knee stability

    At address, the golfer should not only have the right knee flexed, but also have it angled inward slightly.  When this is done properly, there will be a little more pressure felt on the instep of the right foot.  This will help stabilize the right side of the body, and thus reduce lateral movement of the body during the swing.

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