27 July 2012

    Chipping - Left Arm Straight

    I was practicing chipping today and nearby a teaching pro started giving someone a chipping lesson. I was out of earshot but got to watch the pro hit a few. I noticed his left arm stayed straight through the entire swing. Back swing obviously, but on the follow through as well - no bending of the left elbow ever. I added this move to my existing chipping stroke without too much difficulty and the ball flight was just awesome.

    I would line the range ball lines up toward the target, then chip and watch the red stripes spin into a solid red line and stay like that until the ball landed.

    This is my chipping and short pitching stroke from now on. The secret for me was to really turn the shoulders on the follow through (spinning around your head). At the finish of the follow through the shaft looks like an extension of your left arm - perfectly in line with it. Wow, I'm excited and can't wait to get out and play and see how many strokes I will save knowing how to chip!

    As a bonus, when the pro finished his lesson he asked me if I wanted the bucket of range balls his student chipped all over the practice green – score! I never turn down free range balls!

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