6 October 2011

    Etiquette for watching golf

    Natalie Gulbis stretching
    Get in the hole!

    • Do not take your camera to tournaments. If your trigger finger cannot survive a day without a lens, some tournaments have cameras at the practice ground for you to take pictures of the players.
    • Turn your mobile phone off - you are out watching golf and nothing should interrupt something as enjoyable as that!
    • Do not make any noise when players are setting up to play or making a stroke.
    • Appreciate good play not bad play. If they yip it from two feet then sympathise rather than celebrate.
    • Think of the people watching behind you. Kneel down if you are at the front and keep an umbrella low if you are using one.
    • Wait until all the players have completed a hole before moving to the next tee to watch them hit. Tiger will still be there when you arrive.

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