15 July 2011

    A walk in the park

    Ever watch the pro golfers on TV and how they walk? If so, you’ll notice they are fluid, balanced and in rhythm. Why? It's because they’re trying to go through the whole round in balance. They don't want a herky-jerky walk, which may cause a herky-jerky swing. Their swing pace begins with their walking pace. Nobody is laboring or trudging as they walk. A point could be made that each golfer is setting up their shot hundreds of yards down the fairway as they establish a graceful rhythm with a graceful walking pace, and maintain that pace right through their shots. Then they walk calmly to the next hole, and do it again. Smooth walking pace. Smooth shots. Something to think about.

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    Jordan J. Caron said...

    Good observations. They're trying to conserve as much energy in the process. As much as people think golf isn't an athletic sport, walking 72 holes + practice rounds adds up.

    I do think that having a caddie makes it easier to walk with such a fluid motion. Many of us don't have that luxury and either carry or pull our clubs...