22 December 2010

    Chipping out of thick rough

    Q. My issue is I am struggling with short chips especially out of thick rough; any tips would be much appreciated.

    A.  First thing is to realise that there is almost no chance of getting this to grip. So don't try.

    Depending on how thick and tangly the rough is there are a few shots to try. Picking the club up steeply like Gael says is a good option.

    But try this. Hit the ball fat. What will happen is that the ball will pop up more softly than if you try to hit it clean and run on landing.

    Will take lots of practice but it allows you to take some of the power off the shot whilst still hitting it hard enough to get through the grass. And often the problem with these shots is being too delicate to get through the thick rough and as a result the ball stays in there.

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