6 June 2010

    Putting without looking...

     Has anyone else tried this, or heard of it? I played with a friend-of-a-friend last weekend. He's an 8 handicap, hits the ball very nicely and on the day he hit a 78. But one thing he did amazed me.

    When he putted (at the moment of impact), he didn't look at the ball, he looked at the hole. His set-up was much like anyone else's - club down, get feet in position, get body set, look at hole, look at ball etc. However, his last movement before striking the ball, once he was completely set and still, was to move his eyes to the hole (by tilting his head), hold for about 2 seconds, then make the putt.

    His reasoning, which I understand, is that once he is set and in position, he doesn't need to look at the ball to make a good contact, and that by focusing on the hole he had a much better feel and gauge of the distance, which he had previously been struggling with. I have seen this done on the practice green before but he is the first player i have seen take this onto the course. Fair play to the bloke though, as I say he hit 78 and putted like a pro, absolutely brilliant.

    Anyone tried anything similar?

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