27 March 2010

    Golf is dependent on Tiger Woods

    My favourite golfer, who is probably bigger than the overall game of Golf, is returning at the US Masters.

    I am, of course, referring to 14-time major winner Tiger Woods.

    This is exactly what the game needs, because without Woods there's no star quality in the field. No golfers worth talking about. No excitement at the majors. And half the viewers only watch golf when Tiger's playing; which shows how dependent golf is on its talisman.

    Watching Tom Watson battle Stewart Cink in a play-off doesn't quite live up to watching Woods. Or watching chokers like Garcia and Mickelson throw it away again.

    You get my drift. Golf needs Tiger to make the sport worth watching again.

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    David P said...

    Golf was around before and will be around after. The game is in a poor state because it relies on Tiger so heavily - we need a rivalry to keep things interesting.

    Tiger vs Sex just doesn't cut it