5 October 2008

    John Daly considering Euro Tour next year

    One of our favourite golfers, big-hitting, heavy-drinking, elasticated-waist-pants-wearing anti-hero John Daly is considering joining the European tour now he's got his mojo back. Big John couldn't smash the ball as far as the old days because of a restricted swing movement caused by a cyst (the size of a golf ball apparently) limiting his famourly exaggerated backswing.

    "I saw guys hitting it by me that never hit it by me before," he said. "I was like 'there's definitely something wrong here'."

    Daly has had a dismal season this year, making just five cuts and earning $56,017 from 16 events - truly a fall from grace for a gifted golfer with a seeming will to self-destruct.

    "There are a million opportunities to play in Europe and it's a great tour," Daly said.

    "Guys on that tour have shown themselves to be great players."

    You have to feel that it's too late, even for such a prodigious talent as Daly, to turn his career round and at least compete where he should be. Daly is clearly obese which can only compound the stresses such a dramatic golf swing will place on the joints.

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