11 August 2008

    Harrington Fills The Tiger Void

    Much was made of Tiger Woods' absence; who would step up? Big Fat Phil? El Choker? Some thought Kenny Perry would crown an amazing year with a major, if he could be bothered to show up.

    Of course the answer was staring us all in our gormless faces, if Tiger could win on one knee, why couldn't Harrington with a dodgy wrist and eyelids that don't close? (have you ever seen Harrington blink? thought not)

    Harrington becomes the first ever European to win back-to-back majors and cements his place in history as one of the great players of the modern era. He has taken full advantage of Woods' absence and stepped into the Tiger-void(*) many thought wouldn't be filled. But don't think any less of Harrington for this, let's not forget his breakthrough 2007 Open win.

    The way Harrington chased Garcia down (again) was simply brilliant, he was relentless and focussed. His putting is incredible under pressure, his short game rock solid. Can he step up to the next level and attain true greatness? He thrives on adversity and being the underdog, Woods loves to be the top dog and get his nose out in front. It's going to be a battle alright.

    If it's half as good as this year, 2009 is going to be one hell of a year for golf. We need rivalry in the game, think Nicklaus vs Palmer or Monty vs Monty's Wife.

    *Prefixing things with Tiger is in. See also:

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